5.1 Gremlin Attack

Switch to Gremlin tab

Unleash Gremlin

From the Gremlin Dashboard Click Attack

  1. Choose a Gremlin

    • Leave Catagory selected to State
  2. Chose Attack Shutdown

  3. Set Delay to 0

  4. Set Reboot to OFF

  5. Unleash Gremlin

Step 1 Step 2

  1. Measuring Results

To see the true results of this experiment, try going back to the AWS Console and see the target and its current state. Click here to see the State on the deployed infrastructure

Deep link to EC2 Console

Expected Results:

Step 2

Leave this tab open and Switch back to the terraform console

Record your findings in Gremlin.

Attempt to connect to the Pet Clinc app using the Web_Server_HTTPAddress

Step 2

You will notice that Gremlin has uncovered a single point of failure with in our Vault deployment!

In the next lab we will redeploy the lab with Vault in an HA mode to protect against this failure