6.2 Check in Vault HA template

Switch to Cloud9 tab

Change working directory to our workshop on GitLab

cd ~/environment/aws-devops-workshop

Now we will add our HA terraform code to the terraform cloud workspace via GitLab

The git repo you cloud9 prompt will show your git branch in brackets example:aws-devops-workshop (develop) $

Clone the following repo into the /tmp dir on Cloud9

git clone https://github.com/aws-quickstart/workshop-hashicorp-vault.git /tmp/lab6

Copy the terraform files for the HA deployment to the root of our workshop repo

cp -rf /tmp/lab6/workshop_content/ha-vault/* .

Add file to git and commit to GitLab

git add --all .
git commit -a -m'Re-Deploy Vault HA deployment'
git push